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Perth Resin and Pool Repairs supplier Composites Warehouse stocks a wide range of resin systems needed for pool repairs, renovation and the resurfacing of fibreglass swimming pools and spa pools. The products range from a premium polymer resurfacing system to laminating resins and fibreglass, fillcoats and topcoats.

Premium Polymer Resurfacing System

Composites Warehouse’s premium polymer resurfacting system is designed specifically for swimming pool resurfacing. It is suitable for application by either the capable DIY home handyman, to the experienced swimming pool restoration contractor.

Prime Coat

A penetrating coat to improve initial bond to pool surface.

Barrier Coat

A Laminated layer of Fibreglass Matt with Chemical Resistant Resin.

Profile Coat

A coloured pre finish coat to improve the surface texture prior to the finish coat.

Finish Coat

A Durable Hi Gloss Finish for Maximum Colour Stability and Chemical Resistance.

The Polymer Resurfacing System is available in a range of colours, and quantities to suit the project.

More Pool Materials & Supplies

Vinylester Resin

Vinylester Resin

Used in swimming pool applications where High Chemical resistance, greater temperature & moisture tolerance is required. Vinylester Resins also have superior bonding properties making them an excellent choice for the repair of pools.

Typically used used for:

  • Relining fibreglass and concrete swimming pools as part of the restoration process.
  • Manufacture of fibreglass swimming & spa pools.

Available in 1ltr, 4ltr, 20ltr & 200ltr containers.
Activator: To suit application

Vinylester Resin

Profile & Finish Coats

For use in conjunction with a vinylester resin primer; A rapid repair sealant fillcoat that sets quickly to enable leaks to be sealed quickly.

A flexible and tough topcoat that provides excellent levelling application properties, whilst being water resistant.

Typically used for:

  • Sealing splits or leaks in fibreglass and concrete swimming pools as part of the repair process.
  • Swimming pool refurbishment and repairs.

Available in 1lt – 22kg containers.

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