Fibreglass Composite Reinforcement Supplies

Fibreglass & Composite Reinforcements

Perth based Composites Warehouse stocks a wide range of fibre glass reinforcements, commonly used in the marine industry and the swimming pool repair and renovation industry. Materials stocked range from traditional chopped strand mat (CSM), gun rovings, woven rovings, woven glass cloths and multi-axials to exotic carbon fibre and aramid fibres. Most of these cloths are available per linear metre, suitable for small projects to full length rolls for larger projects.

Wide Range of Reinforcement Materials

Chopped Strand Mat Reinforcement

Chopped Strand Mat (CSM)

Chopped strand mat is the most widely used of all composite reinforcement materials. Short strands of glass are randomly scattered and bound to create a mat which can then be wetted out with resin and used as a general purpose reinforcement for traditional fibreglass (GRP/FRP) moulds or parts.

Product Range: 225g – 600g
Options: Emulsion or power bonded

Fibreglass Gun Rovings

Gun Rovings

Gun rovings (strand rovings) for wide use in the marine & pool industry. Many small diameter fiberglass filaments are combined to form a roving fiber bundle. The bundle is distributed through a chopper gun to chop the strands into short lengths, and deposits the fibre into a resin spray over a mould. This process provides fast production of larger parts like boat hulls, spa and swimming pools and open mould manufacturing.

Product Range: For Use in Chopper Guns

Woven fibreglass cloth

Woven Glass Cloths

Woven fibreglass cloths for use in combination with other reinforcements and composites. Such as carbon and aramid (Kevlar) fibres as additional reinforcement, building thickness, finishing, and sacrificial layers. Fibreglass cloth is typically used in boatbuilding, transportation, turbine, and recreational industries. The woven glass cloths come in either plain or twill weaves.

Product Range: 80g – 600g
Options: Cloth or Woven Rovings
Glass Cloth Tapes

multi-axial knitted fabrics

Multi-Axial / Knitted (Stitched) Fabrics

Directionally oriented X and Y axis knitted fabric reinforcements. Sometimes referred to as ±45 or 0, 90 orientation cloth. The fibres are stitched together, rather than woven to hold the fibers in place, with the option of a CSM layer. These fabrics provide fibre orientated strength, thickness, and weight distribution. These fabrics are widely used in boat building, transportation, turbine and recreational industries.

Product Range: 450g – 1125g???
Double Bias (+45/-45)
Double Bias Mat (+45/-45) + CSM
Triaxial (0/+45/-45)

Carbon Fibre Reinforcements

Carbon Fibre

Woven carbon fibre provides high stiffness and tensile strength, and low thermal expansion properties. Composites Warehouse stocks woven carbon fibre fabric. However other exotic fibres such as Unidirectionals and prepregs (pre-impregnated with epoxy resins) supplied upon order. Carbon fibre is used in cutting-edge applications to increase stiffness while reducing weight, including marine, aerospace, transportation, sporting goods applications.

Product Range: 200g
Weaves: Plain & Twill
Pre-Preg – Available upon Application
Unidrectional – Upon Application

Kevlar Aramid Reinforcements

Aramid Fibre (Kevlar®)

Aramid fibres are synthetic fibres that produces remarkable tensile strength and strong impact and heat resistance. The most common aramid brand is DuPont’s trademarked Kevlar®. The strength and durability of aramid fibres allows for use with high performance reinforcements such as carbon fibre. Lightweight and flexible, with a high strength-to-weight ratio, aramid fibers are commonly used in armour and ballistic protection applications, and in other high impact applications, such as motorsports.

Product Range: Upon application

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