River Set Epoxy Resin, the Ideal Resin to Build River Tables

River Table Clear Casting Epoxy Resin

Creating river tables? River Set clear epoxy resin is a user friendly, easy to use deep casting, single pour resin system. The resin system is a low viscosity clear 2-part Epoxy Resin emitting a low exotherm, and providing long working times. Therefore giving the resin excellent properties for deep casting River Tables in a single pour. The properties of River Set epoxy  make it a preferred choice for controlling timber gassing, and less distortion in larger castings. The epoxy resin results in a water clear finish.

River Set system is exclusively available in Perth from Composites Warehouse, now located in O’Connor, WA. Combine the clear River Set epoxy resin with some of our tints to produce a stunning masterpieces.  Resins and tints are available in popular project sizes.

The friendly staff at Composites Warehouse have hands on experience with using the River Set system, and happy to answer your questions. We can send to anywhere in Australia.

River Set Epoxy Resin & Pigments

Vinylester Resin

River Set Technical

The River Set system is a low viscosity clear 2-part Epoxy Resin.  

    • Low odour
    • Low viscosity assists in controlled air release.
    • Long working times 8 – 10 hours @ 45mm thick @ 25 deg C.
    • Low exotherm to control timber gassing, and less distortion in larger castings.
    • Machinable after 48hr for 30-50mm castings @ 25 deg C. Longer for thinner pours and cooler temperatures.

Typically used for: 

    • Deep casting, up to 50mm.
    • Creating decorative timber & resin tables.
    • Filling & levelling knots & holes in wood.
    • Resin art.

Available in 2.7kg, 7kg, 14kg & 28kg kits. 

Vinylester Resin

Pigments & Dyes for Resin

Composites Warehouse now stocks a wide range of pigments and dyes designed to be used with resins.

These pigments are popular to use for the tinting of our clear resins, producing a subtle hue, or statement pieces in river tables, and vibrant coloured jewellery and other artistic master pieces.

The pearlised & metallic pigments are ideal to produce feature edges.

    Available in 100ml – 300ml containers.

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